How to Choose the Best AARP Medicare Supplement Plan for Your Needs

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the best AARP Medicare Supplement Plan for your needs. Whether you’re a senior citizen or approaching your golden years, inevitable health care costs will arise. As such, selecting the right supplement plan is essential. In this blog post, we break down the critical aspects of AARP Medicare Supplement Plans and guide you through the process of finding the best fit for you.

Understanding Medicare Basics

Before diving into AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, it is essential to comprehend how original Medicare works. Original Medicare is a health insurance program run by the federal government and offers two primary components:

  1. Part A (Hospital Insurance): Coverage for hospital stays and some kinds of skilled nursing care
  2. Part B (Medical Insurance): Coverage for doctor visits, outpatient procedures, and durable medical equipment

However, original Medicare has several out-of-pocket costs like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. That’s where Medicare Supplement Plans (or Medigap) come into play.

Medicare Supplement Plan is a policy sold by private insurance companies. It helps cover expenses that original Medicare doesn’t cover. United Healthcare, one of the leading providers of Medicare Supplement Plans, offers a range of AARP-branded options designed to cater to an individual’s unique needs.

Know Your Options: AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP Medicare Supplement

United Healthcare offers AARP Medicare Supplement Plan beneficiaries 8 different options, each with unique features catering to individual preferences. These plans are labeled A, B, C, F, high-deductible F, G, K, L, M, and N, ensuring you find a plan that fits your requirements. Learn more about them at

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these options and evaluate the pros and cons associated with each plan. However, note that these options may have limited availability based on your state of residence. Check your state-specific regulations before making a choice.

Factors to Consider

Determining the ideal AARP Medicare Supplement Plan for your needs involves a thorough evaluation of certain aspects. Analyze the following points before making a decision:

Type of Coverage and Costs

Examine what each plan covers and compare their cost-sharing structures. This will help you evaluate your budget and preferences. Steer clear of plans with excess coverage, which results in higher premiums, but be aware of plans lacking coverage that may lead to higher out-of-pocket costs.

Potential Future Health Care Needs

Evaluate your likely future healthcare requirements considering your age and health history. Assess if you may require more comprehensive coverage moving forward or if a more basic plan suffices. Keep in mind that changing plans later may prove to be difficult or costly.

Restrictions and Flexibility

All AARP-branded Medicare Supplement Plans allow you to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. However, some plans offer more flexibility when it comes to out-of-state or travel insurance. If you plan to travel, check for supplemental plans that cater to such needs.

Network of Doctors and Providers

AARP branded Medicare Supplement plans by United Healthcare guarantee you a vast network of healthcare providers across the United States. Still, it’s essential to ensure your preferred healthcare providers accept your specific plan and remain in-network.

Reputation and Financial Stability of the Insurance Provider

Remember to consider the reputation, financial stability, and customer reviews of the insurance provider. United Healthcare, one of the nation’s most prominent healthcare companies, offers AARP-branded Medicare Supplement Plans that are highly reputable and financially stable.

Compare Premiums and Plans from Multiple Providers

To make an informed decision, compare AARP Medicare Supplement Plans to other providers’ plans for coverage and pricing. Generally, all providers offer the same standardized plans, distinguished mainly by the source.

How to Enroll

Once you decide on the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan that best suits your needs, enrollment is the next big step. To qualify for an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, you must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B. The best time to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan is during the Medigap open enrollment period, which begins on the first day of the month in which you turn 65 and are enrolled in Medicare Part B. This period lasts for six months and offers several benefits, including the provider not being able to deny you coverage due to pre-existing conditions or charge you a higher premium based on your health status.

Follow these steps to enroll in an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan:

1. Research Your Options

Thoroughly research and compare the different AARP Medicare Supplement Plans available in your state. Visit for further details and to gather more information.

2. Contact United Healthcare

Contact United Healthcare by calling their customer service number, 1-800-523-5800 (TTY: 711), or visiting the United Healthcare website. They will help guide you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you may have.

3. Submit Your Application

Fill out the application provided by United Healthcare carefully and accurately to avoid any processing delays or inaccuracies in your policy. You can submit the application either online, by mail, or over the phone.

4. Receive Confirmation and Policy Documents

Upon approval, you will receive your policy documents and a confirmation letter. Review your policy papers to ensure the information is accurate.

5. Make Premium Payments

Finally, make your premium payments as per the agreed-upon schedule. Timely payments ensure your plan remains active and you continue to receive the benefits of your chosen AARP Medicare Supplement Plan.


Choosing the best AARP Medicare Supplement Plan for your needs can be an overwhelming process, but keeping the factors mentioned above in mind and conducting thorough research can make it manageable. By understanding original Medicare, knowing your AARP Medicare Supplement Plan options, considering essential factors, and following the proper steps to enroll, you can secure a plan tailored to your unique healthcare requirements.

Remember, the right AARP Medicare Supplement Plan can provide you with financial security and peace of mind, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your golden years without the burden of mounting healthcare expenses.

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