Common Questions People Ask About AARP Medicare in 2020 (April Updated)

Having any question about AARP Medicare & its policies? If yes, then here’s the complete guide covering all the basic FAQ’s about AARP Medicare.

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The faster we are moving towards an advanced modern world, the faster we are moving towards a world filled with an unknown virus, diseases, and disability. Globally there are nearly 1 million viruses present in the world, out of which only 5000 have been discovered.

Therefore, the future which is filled with unknowns to an extent, that we can’t even predict which virus might attack, it becomes to be insured and secured of such plausible events. For health-related security, we need to avail healthcare insurance. While there is surprisingly a lot of competition in the healthcare market, but choosing the correct right healthcare plans will secure you with a healthy future.

UnitedHealthcare brings you the best Medicare plan. Medicare plans are provided by the government for the people who are 65 years and above of age, also to people with disabilities and to people suffering from kidney diseases.

AARP Medicare
AARP Medicare

Medicare Plans by UnitedHealthcare

Since the inception of Medicare in 1965, it has since then been reformed and as now become a policy that provides maximum benefits to its holders. Medicare plans cover 57 million Americans and continue to benefit them

There are four parts to the Medicare Plan-

Part A – It takes care of the plan holder’s cost of stays in the hospital and nursing facilities provided by the healthcare agency/ hospital. It also includes other hospice and health services.

Part B – This part covers the cost of the doctor’s assistance and consulting, including outpatient care, diagnostic tests, medical supplies, medical equipment tests.

Part C – It is an additional Medicare advantage, which allows you to acquire the benefits of a Medicare plan through just one plan. It covers the same benefits and also covers the benefits of Part D.

Part D – This part last of all covers the cost of all the prescribed drugs approved by the FDA.

Benefits and Eligibility of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plan by AARP

The main advantage of the Medicare plan is

  • You receive the benefit of Part A and B of the Medicare plan
  • Your prescription drugs are also covered in the plan
  • Some even cover routine dental care and appointments
  • Eye exams, Eye Operations, drugs are also covered in the Medicare plan
  • The premium can fit anyone’s budget, making to available for every American citizen

Eligibility criteria for the Medicare Plan

  • You have to be 65 years and above, and even though you have crossed the main 65 age mark you can still enroll through your social security number
  • If you’re younger than 65 but have a qualifying disability
  • This is available for only legal residents of America, and if you’ve been in the States for more than 5 yrs you’re eligible to apply for Medicare

Already bought AARP Medicare Policy?

Then you have heard about My AARP Medicare Portal… And here the detailed guide on MyAARPMedicare Employee Portal, containing how to sign-up, login, and use this portal.

Common Question About AARP Medicare (AARP Medicare FAQ’s)

Even though it is every citizens’ right to get a Medicare plan and have the chance of a healthy future. These AARP Medicare are collated, keeping in mind that they resolve any confusion and query around the Medicare plans. Some of these AARP Medicare FAQ’s are –

#1. Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Yes, Medicare Plans do cover hearing aids and hearing deficiency prescription drugs and consultation costs as well!

#2. What is AARP Medicare Complete UnitedHealthcare?

Complete Healthcare pays a royalty fee to the AARP for the use of its intellectual property. And the Medicare covers all the health-related services, drugs, etc. of the plan holder.

#3. Is AARP Medicare Complete a supplement plan?

AARP Medicare covers the provision of the supplement insurance plan of Part A and Part B and even includes the benefits of Part D of the Medicare Plan. It is not a supplement plan but a complete plan, which you can avail through Part C of the plan.

#4. What is the Medicare part B premium for 2020?

The standard monthly premium for the Medicare Plan is $144.60 for the year 2020. And the annual deductible amount for Part B is $198.

#5. How much does AARP Medicare supplement cost?

The monthly premium depends on the insurance providers and the specialists and on an average, can cost close to $70/month, however, depending upon the Medical agencies cover in the plan it can cost $270/month as well.

#6. What’s the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement plan?

Medicare Advantage Plan- This includes the original plan which covers Part- A and Part-B and also includes the benefits of Part D all enclosed in one single plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan (Medigap)- It includes coinsurance, and Part A and B are covered; however, Part D, which covers prescription drugs, are not covered in this plan.

#7. Is Medicare the same as Medicaid?

No, they are not the same. Medicaid, they provide medical insurance to families and individuals with unstable economic conditions or irregular pays. And it’s joint insurance by the state and the federal government.

Medicare, however, as an eligibility-criteria of 65 yrs of age and specific kidney ailments.

#8. Can I get my prescription drugs covered under Original Medicare?

No, the original Medicare Plan only includes Part A and B, however, does not cover the cost of prescribed drugs.

#9. Does Original Medicare pay for a nursing home stay?

The original Medicare Plan does not fully cover the nursing home stay cost, although Part A provides support in some skilled nursing services; however, for long-stay, the nursing cost is beard by the insurance holder.

#10. What if I’m 65, but I’m still working? Do I still need to sign up for Medicare?

Even if you’re healthcare plan is covered by the employer, you still need to sign up and enroll for the Medicare Plan. The part A is premium-free, and you can easily avail benefits of Part A.

#11. What if I get health insurance under my working spouse?

If you’re insured by your spouse’s employer, you can then sign up easily through the Medicare Special Enrollment Period when the coverage ends. Even when your spouse leaves the employer, you can still be ensured by Medicare Plan.

#12. How do I enroll in Original Medicare?

You can visit this website, and by simply entering your social security number you can easily enroll for the Original Medicare Plan

#13. What is the Original Medicare Initial Enrolment Period?

The Initial Enrolment Period is a 7-month period, which also includes the plan holder’s 65th birthday month and can be availed three-months before and after their birthday.

#14. What if I want to change plans?

The Medicare Annual Enrolment Period, during which you can switch or drop your Medicare Plan. This Period happens annually at the same time, providing you a year to think and plan if you wish to switch or cancel your Medicare Plan.


So, that’s all about AARP Medicare. We have tried our best to answer all the major questions asked by most of the people who are planning to buy Medicare Policy / Already having Medicare Plan. But still, you have any question which is not covered in this AARP Medicare FAQ post, then feel free to contact us anytime. You can also send your suggestions or new question via below comment box. Also, visit AARP Medicare’s Official Site ( for more information.

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